Sailing with kids – Sleeping

Cruises are exciting for kids and it can be a challenge to get them to sleep when you’re all in a confined space together.  Here are some tips that you’ll probably find useful when getting your children to sleep on holiday. 

Readybed.  If you’re worried about your child being on an upper bunk (especially for cruise lines that insist you to have twin beds when upper berths are down) then a readybed could be the ideal choice.  They are easily inflated so that your precious cargo can sleep on a bed on the floor and it can slide under one of the beds during the day.  Most cruise lines carry baby bedding to make it the most comfortable.

Bedrails  If you’re happy for your child to sleep in the upper bunk but are still concerned – some lines will also provide an additional bed rail to make sure they don’t roll out when they’re asleep!

Night light. With blackout curtains (or inside) – cabins are dark during the night.  If you’ve got a small baby that is still feeding at night, or a child who will get up in the night for the toilet etc – the cabin lights can often be too bright to leave on. A night light gives just enough to make navigating the cabin possible. 

If there’s something not included that has or would have helped you, please contact me here to have it added.

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