Sailing with kids – Laundry

The romantic image of sailing into the sunset doesn’t usually include doing a load of washing.  But with children, its probably inevitable.  If you’re sailing on a ship with a launderette (or laundromat) – here are some things you might want to consider. 

Detergent. If you’re travelling on a ship with a laundry which provides laundry for passengers, you might want to take your own, preferred detergent – particularly if you have a smaller baby.  Detergent is available in the shops onboard, but choice is limited to one type.  You also won’t need softener as the ship’s water will be soft.

Reusable shopping bag. If you’re planning on doing any washing onboard – take a large reusable shopping bag (the canvas or fabric type) for taking washing to/from the launderette.

Those cruise lines who do offer onboard launderettes include Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise & Maritime Voyages (Columbus only), Cunard Line, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line (not all ships), P&O Cruises (UK & Australia), and Princess Cruises.  Some charge for the use of launderettes.  All cruise lines offer a paid service for the ship’s main laundry. 

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