Sailing with kids – Eating

Here are some things that will make your life easier whilst dining with your kids onboard. 

Cutlery. Some lines offer cutlery for little hands, but there can be delays getting them in the Main Dining Room at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  It’s useful to take some with you for your angels to use – most other cruise lines don’t provide any form of kids cutlery.

Drinking cups. The rules of not taking plastic bottles or cups to dining rooms doesn’t usually apply to kids.  Ships water is safe to drink (though some don’t like the taste) – but filtered, chilled water is available form the buffet.  Note: You’re not generally allowed to fill bottles up at the water dispenser due to the risk of surface-borne infection.  But filling glasses and tipping them into kids bottles is usually permitted.

Milk. The first time we took a toddler away, we took a couple of litres of UHT to give him for his bed-time bottle.  We didn’t need to do that.  Even if fresh milk isn’t available in the buffet at that time of night – someone there will happily get it for you.

If there’s something not included that has or would have helped you, please contact me here to have it added.

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