Sailing with kids – Babies

Most cruise lines have a lower age limit of 6 months (12 for longer sailings, or crossings), though a couple will accept passengers younger than that.  This section suggests what might make your trip easier.  

Bottle Feeding.

Sterilising. Whilst some lines will give you all you need for sterilising – most don’t.  Don’t waste cash  on getting a specialist cold water steriliser; take a large tupperware-type pot and the sterlising tablets (that you can pick up for about a pound) – this will work just as well as a cold water steriliser.

Flask. UK based cruise lines will provide a kettle in your cabin, which is perfect for warming bottles.  If you’re on a European or US line, you won’t have this facility – but you can take water from the buffet back to your cabin for this use.  Note: You should dispense the hot water into a cup or mug before pouring it into your flask to limit the risk of cross-contamination of onboard viruses.

Washing-up. As you’ll need to wash bottles before sterilising – its a good idea to take some washing up liquid and a sponge or brush to wash bottles before.

Milk. Whilst the ship’s water is safe to drink, sterilising it (or bottled water) on ships without a kettle in your cabin is impossible. You can pre-order formula/follow-on milk to collect at the airport if you’re flying, or you can carry it onboard with you if you’re sailing from the UK.  There are fridges in most cabins that will store opened bottles of water.


Cots. All cruise lines provide baby cots, though they will be of the travel cot variety, and usually come with full bedding.

If there’s something not included that has or would have helped you, please contact me here to have it added.

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