Useful Links

Below is a selection of what I think are some of the best resources and blogs available on the internet for all cruisers.  

Cruise Timetables
You can select almost any port in the world and see what ships will be in port for the days you’ve selected. This will help you understand for how busy quaysides and destinations will be.

Marine Traffic
A live map allowing you to see where any ship is right now, its destination, or travel statistics. Also available on smartphone app.

Ship Mate Cruise App
A great free smartphone app.  It contains countdowns, roll calls, ship webcams, even live port radio.  You can also use the deck plan maps onboard, which is invaluable if you tend to get lost!

Weather Online – Wave Maps
I love a bit of rough weather, but for some its a worry.  If you’re wondering whether you’re going to need sea-sickness remedies; this resource enables you to see wave heights anywhere in the world for up to 5 days in advance.

The Anchor Man FamilyFamily Friendly

If you’re flying to meet your ship with a baby and you’re worried about taking formula through security – you can preorder formula to pick up airside at most UK airports (you’ll need at least 5 days notice).

Flying with a Baby
A wealth of useful information about flying with babies.  Centering around scheduled flights, information is available about everything from liquid restrictions and jet lag to entertainment options and bassinets.

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