New family dining on the new-look Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess is due in the UK this Spring with six new casual dining options.

More details have emerged as to what’s going on during the current refit for Caribbean Princess.

Last week I wrote about the plethora of upgrades to the youth and family facilities. It’s long been said that “a family who eats together, stays together” – so let’s talk food.

There will be no fewer than six new options for dining (and a new-look bar) when the ship arrives in the UK later this Spring.  The newly announced outlets are great news for cruising families as they are all about casual dining; whether round the pool or buffet during the day or casual waiter-service restaurants at night.

The food and beverage outlets around Neptune’s Pool (the forward of the two midship pools on deck 15) are getting a makeover.

Caribbean Princess Refit Mix, Salty Dog, Slice

The new Food & Beverage options around Neptune’s Pool.

  • Slice. An upgraded and refurbished venue in place of the old pizza counter on the port-side will offer traditional pizza, as specials from both the East and West coast of the US.
    The menu for Slice can be found here.
  • The Salty Dog. On the opposite side of Slice will be a new grill (in place of The Trident Grill) serving specialty burgers (including the Ernesto Burger for a $5 surcharge) as well as loaded fries, chicken and tacos.
    The menu for The Salty Dog can be found here.
  • The Mix. The soon-to-be-former Blackbeard’s bar between the two food outlets will be upgraded with a bold new look.
  • Coffee & Cones. Just aft of the Neptune’s Pool in the space formerly occupied by Scoops.  Here you’ll be able to pick up complimentary ice-cream cones or treat yourself to one of the specialty ice-creams or coffee items.

Slice, The Salty Dog and The Mix are expected to be fully upgraded by the Autumn of 2017.

Moving further aft on Lido Deck (15), the old buffets (Horizon Court and Cafe Caribe) are getting a complete overhaul.

Caribbean Princess Refit Steamers, World Foods Market Place, Planks BBQ

The new casual venues on Lido Deck aft.

  • World Fresh Marketplace. A new set up and new look will replace the former Horizon Court.  It will feature food from around the world and will be set up as individual stations rather than the historic linear buffet that could get quite congested.
  • Planks BBQ. A venue taking up the starboard half of what was Cafe Caribe at the extreme aft of Lido Deck.  A casual restaurant (with a modest $12 cover charge at night, but with free buffet during the day) – it’ll be a firm family favourite serving popular food in an American style outlet.
    The menu for the evening offering at Planks BBQ can be found here.
  • Steamers Seafood. Replacing the port side of Cafe Caribe, this will be a family style restaurant with a table-waited offering in the evenings (for a charge of $12, but lunch and breakfast buffet offerings will be complimentary). Food will be East-Coast themed – think Chowder, clams, crab etc.  Lunches and breakfast will be free and offering something different to the rest of the outlets.
    The evening menu for Steamers Seafood can be found here.

Details on the new Camp Discovery and other upgrades announced last week can be found here.

More information on the remaining and current dining venues is expected soon – but these casual venues are set to make a big difference to families on Caribbean Princess.

All pictures: Princess Cruises.

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